No one's ever been so good at being so bad.

The building was very tall. The time it took to fall from it was very, very short. Goodbye Lover. Hello to the feverish scramble to latch onto the millions the victim left behind.
Mystery combines with backstabbing humor and chic style melds with neo-noir attitude when Roland Joffe (The Killing Fields, The Mission) directs this glossy plunge into La-La-Land glitz and murder. Just follow the trail of a stiletto-heeled sexual adventuress (Patricia Arquette). Stay on the case with a wisecracking detective (Ellen DeGeneres). And keep your eyes on the rest of a gifted ensemble (including Don Johnson, Ray McKinnon, Dermot Mulroney and Mary-Louise Parker). Don
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Subtitles English, French
Audio ENGLISH:DolbyDigital5.1[CC] FRENCH:DolbyDigital5.1
Rating R
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