Big Wednesday

1978 PG 120 mins

No matter what rolled in on the tides of time, California surfing buddies Matt, Jack, and Leroy knew they'd stick together. And that they'd be ready when a rare 20 foot swell hit the coast at last.

Big Wednesday celebrates surfing as much as the most dedicated kid who ever waxed a board. It's also a fascinating 1962-1974 chronicle of friendships and lifestyles in transition. John Millius (co-writer of Apocalypse Now) directs and co-scripts with a passion for the ultimate ride and a truthful feel for those turbulent times. Stars Jan-Michael Vincent and William Katt are accomplished surfers; co-lead Gary Busey (Point Break) learned for the role. And the vivid camerawork drops you inside awesome barrels of ocean blue.
Screen Widescreen2.35:1(Anamorphic)
Subtitles English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
Audio ENGLISH:DolbyDigitalStereo FRENCH:DolbyDigitalStereo
Rating PG
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