"One Of The Year's Most Entertaining Movies!"-USA Today

Powerful and sweeping, the critically acclaimed Cradle Will Rock, starring Hank Azaria, Joan Cusack, John Cusack, Bill Murray and Susan Sarandon, takes a kaleidoscopic look at the extraordinary events of 1930s America.From high society to life on the streets, director Tim Robbins (Dead Man Walking) brings Depression-era New York City to vivid life.A time when da Vincis are given to millionaires who help fund the Mussolini war effort.And Nelson Rockefeller commissions Mexican artist Diego Rivers to paint the lobby of Rockefeller Center.A time when a young Orson Welles and a troupe of passionate actors risk everything to perform the infamous musical "The Cradle Will Rock."As threats to their freedom and the livelihood loom larger, they refuse to give in to censorship.Based on actual events, Cradle Will Rock will move you.
Screen Widescreen2.35:1(Anamorphic)
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CC Yes
Audio ENGLISH:DolbyDigital5.0[CC]
Rating R
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