"Thumbs Up!" -Roger Ebert, Siskel & Ebert

The streets of 1930's Sichuan set the stage for The King Of Masks, an award-winning tale of hope and transformation in the face of poverty and loneliness.

As a rare master of an ancient art, the skills of The King of Masks are sought out by even the most beloved star of the esteemed Chinese Opera.But tradition dictates that the aging master's trade only be passed on to a male heir.

Desperate for his art to survive, The King of Masks finds an apprentice in a destitute child purchased on the black market.When the child reveals an unexpected secret, their relationship is suddenly tested by both the old man's stubborn sense of tradition and the established customs of China.
Screen Standard1.33:1
Subtitles English, Spanish, French
Audio MANDARIN:DolbyDigitalStereo[CC]
Rating NR
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