1988 R 160 mins

A Film By Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood brings a lifelong love of jazz to and won a Best Director Best Director Golden Globe Award for this gripping story of pioneering jazzman Charlie "Yardbird" Parker.Like a spellbinding jazz riff, past and future overlap as the movie explores Bird's soaring skill and destructive excesses.In his Cannes Film Festival Best Actor performance, Forest Whitaker in the title role is a candle ablaze at both ends.Diane Venora shares that glorious light, the New York Film Critics Best Supporting Actress choice as steadfast wife Chan Parker.Skillfully blending Parker solo recordings with modern musicians, Bird comes alive most mightily on its soundtrack, honored with a Best Sound Academy Award.In Eastwood's hands, Bird truly, stunningly lives.
Screen Widescreen1.85:1(Anamorphic)
Subtitles English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
Audio ENGLISH:DolbyDigital5.1[CC] FRENCH:DolbyDigitalSurround
Rating R
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