One man lives in the neighborhood another man owns it.A devoted father battles the local crime boss for the life of his son.

The streets of the Bronx are a tough place for a kid to grow up, you learn fast or lose everything.Lorenzo's son Calogero learns about the virtues of hard, honest work from his father who owns nothing but his integrity; but he learns about easy money and life on the streets from the man who owns them, a mobster called Sonny.Now Calogero must choose between earning respect like his father, or commanding it like Sonny.Always one step away from a broken bottle, a pistol whipping or a shotgun blast, one young man , torn between two worlds just a city block apart, is about to learn that the streets run two ways.For every cent of easy money, there's a tough, and sometimes deadly. Lesson to be learned.
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Rating R
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