Following in the footsteps of such directors as the silent cinema's F.W. Murnau and Fritz Lang and the surrealists Luis Bunuel, Jean Cocteau and David Lynch comes the first feature from Canadian filmmakers Guy Maddin.Released theatrically in 1986 to acclaim from critics and audiences alike, Tales From The Gimli Hospital is now regarded as one of the true cult hits of the Eighties: a bizarre entry on the midnight movie circuit that found an eager audience and set its director's career in motion.

Set during a smallpox epidemic in the village of Gimli, Manitoba, near the turn of the century, Tales From The Gimli Hospital is a dreamlike film that explores the jealousy and madness instilled in two men who share a hospital room "in a Gimli we no longer know."The two men, Einar (Kyle McCulloch) and Gunnar (Michael Gottli) are friends at first, until they share their darkest secrets.Tales of creeping pestilence, unconsummated passions, reckless envy and necrophilia are told, climaxing in a deadly battle between the two patients, now rivals.Does a better world await these two lost souls on Earth
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