"Fierce, Funny And Vividly Moving!"-Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Down in the dumps, Griffin Midge and his friends are on the prowl for a little underground action, managing to find trouble in all the wrong places. On the uppity side of town, a proper family dinner is about to get unruly when Portia brings her penniless boyfriend home to meet her aristocratic, snobby parents. Somewhere inside a hospital, a doctor with his own problems is trying to convince a young couple that their unborn child is a gift of life. His neighbor, the local reporter, is making a grand effort to somehow lose his leg after having war-related flashbacks. Beautiful People with everyday lives. Normal never looked so great. A funny adventure that will charm your heart…
Screen Widescreen1.85:1
Subtitles English, Spanish, French
Audio ENGLISH:DolbyDigital5.1
Rating R
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