No one stays innocent forever.

This contemporary urban fable, loosely based on Dostoyevsky's Crime And Punishment, is a gripping and provocative account of a young woman's attempt to permanently end the advances of her abusive step-father.Starring Monica Keena ("Dawson's Creek"), Vincent Kartheiser (Another Day In Paradise) and James DeBello (American Pie), along with veterans Ellen Barkin (Drop Dead Gorgeous) and Michael Ironside (The Perfect Storm), Crime + Punishment In Suburbia is a deeply affecting and utterly disturbing tale of betrayal and redemption.

Rosanne (Keena) is a cheerleader who dates a football player (DeBello) and gets drunk at parties.But she's also a killer.She convinces herboyfriend to sneak out of a pep rally for a date with destiny, revenge
Screen Widescreen1.85:1(Anamorphic) Standard1.33:1
Subtitles Spanish, French
Audio ENGLISH:DolbyDigital5.1[CC] SPANISH:DolbyDigitalSurround FRENCH:DolbyDigitalSurround
Rating R
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