From the acclaimed director of The Taste of Cherry (Winner Palm D'or at Cannes) comes Abbas Kiarostami's latest masterpiece The Wind Will Carry Us.

A filmmaker from Tehran travels to a remote mountain village secretly planning to record a local ritual ceremony surrounding an old dying woman. Upon arrival, his crew is met by Farzad, a young boy from the town who at first becomes their guide but ultimately becomes their informant on the fate of the old woman. Convincing the locals that they are archaeologists looking for buried treasure, the filmmaker attempts to befriend them with mixed results. As the rustling wind, golden light and deep shadows of the village cast an alluring spell, the deathwatch drags on and the woman stubbornly clings to life, leaving the crew impatient.

Evocative and haunting, The Wind Will Carry Us is constructed with Kiarostami's trademark soulful serenity, creating an extraordinary beautiful and moving film.
Screen Widescreen 1.85:1
Subtitles English
Audio FARSI: Dolby Digital Stereo
Rating NR
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